Meet Your Photographer!

Now that you have clicked on this page to learn more about myself, I'm here to tell ya that I'm a lover of many things...

I'm a lover of Adam Sandler movies, anything Disney, exploring our amazing National Parks, dogs and more dogs, dirt bike riding, taking the scenic route to any destination and so much more!

Back in 2019 I picked up my camera for more than just a hobby. I started to capture love stories and chapters of lives and I have never looked back. During your wedding day, I will be there to help bustle your dress, cry alongside your family, and just be your number one fan because let's be honest, I am!

I don't want to get to know you and then never speak again once your wedding album is delivered. I get too attached for that and would have to be let down easy! I want to provide such an amazing experience for you that I capture the memories that go on your Holiday card every year.

I'm more than someone just taking your photo..

Joseph and I are so happy with the photos you have taken and want to thank you for capturing all the special moments from our big day!!

We have loved spending the last few months reliving what felt like a whirlwind but incredible day. So many wonderful memories!! (Especially of the dancing lol)
You were a delight to work with and we loved your ability to give friendly direction to achieve your vision.
You have brought us everlasting joy through your photos and we want to give you credit for your beautiful work.

Thank you for everything, Steph"

- Anna + Joseph

"You have brought us everlasting joy through your photos"

Are you ready for photos that you love so much that you basically warp your personality around them and become obsessed?!